Skyfold Classic Serie

Introducing the Classic Series of partitions

The Classic Series of folding walls is one of the products Skyfold sells. With a simple turnkey system, the wall retracts quietly into the ceiling requiring no physical effort. It is fast allowing you to reconfigure a room in a matter of minutes. Since the wall is stored in the ceiling and it does not require any unsightly tracks in the walls or the floor, allows for more freedom in a room’s interior design. Also, floor space is saved since it is stored in the ceiling. The wall comes in a wide variety of finishes, including fabrics, vinyls, metals, graphic designs and many more options, allowing the wall to fit into almost any design. Even using a mix of finishes are possible. Walls can be installed to be at 90° allowing for many possibilities on how a room is divided.

The Classic series of retractable partitions can have a height of 18 to 36 feet with no restriction on maximum wall length. The partitions are ideal for stepped or sloped floors. Because the wall exerts an even load across the ceiling savings in structural steel are a result with no load concentrations or shifting loads. The drive system is mounted to the same structure as the partition, further saving in steel costs. The wall can be installed virtually anywhere…in between beams, around ducts and pipes.

Repairing the movable wall is as easy as replacing panels. Since the wall is not directly handled, it can outlast other conventional wall systems keeping its original beauty.

The Classic Series comes in four different models: Classic 51, with a STC rating of 51 (Rw 51); Classic 55, our midrange model (STC 55, Rw 54); Classic 60, with an STC rating of 60 (Rw 59), the highest in the industry; and Classic NR, which has a sound-absorption rating (NRC) of 0.65 (SAC 0.65).

Examples of Skyfold Classic Series