Acoustical Rating

|operable walls|folding walls|automatic walls|folding doors Skyfold is an acoustical wall that is hard, rigid and flat in its down
position. When not in use, however, it folds vertically for storage in
the ceiling. Developed as a modular system, it consists of a grid of
rectangular acoustical panels.

A completely functioning operable wall, tested in full accordance and
compliance with ASTM E90-90 shall achieve a Laboratory Sound
Transmission Class acoustical rating of not less than 51. The acoustical
panels, when tested in accordance with the ASTM E90-90 protocol, shall
achieve a Laboratory Sound Transmission Class STC rating of not less
than 54.

Each acoustical rating panel shall be individually removable using only
a screw driver. No special tools or equipment shall be required. The removal of a single acoustic panel shall not affect, dislocate or cause the
removal of any adjacent panels or other acoustical rating panels. The operable wall shall be mechanically operable with a few of the acoustic rating panels removed from one, or both sides of the operable wall.

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