|modular wall system|panel room divider|demountable wall systems|modular wall systems Contemporary space dividers have become the most portable and flexible wall system as one large room can be divided into several different ones with unbelievable sound-reducing qualities. In today’s day and age where privacy and safe-guarding personal items has become important, the use of contemporary space dividers can separate one room into various small rooms in a very short time span.

E-Z Fold contemporary space dividers is your doorway to enjoying quiet space. A turn of a key is all that is needed for these contemporary space dividers to create a sound resisting environment in a quiet and effortless manner. These contemporary space dividers by E-Z Fold are made in virtually any finish including laminates wood veneers, and stainless steel.

E-Z Fold are completely automatic, rigid, flat, retractable manufactured contemporary space dividers. No manual labour is required to assemble and dissemble the contemporary space dividers.

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