|modular wall system|panel room divider|demountable wall systems|modular wall systems As the leading manufacturer of demountable partition wall systems for various industrial and commercial requirements, we offer demountable partition wall systems specifically designed to meet your specific space needs.

E-Z FOLD has an infrared vertical path safety system. When the demountable partition wall is moving downwards, disrupting the infrared beam causes the wall to stop immediately, without coasting. This not only protects persons in the vicinity of the demountable partition wall but also protects the wall itself.

Are you looking for an affordable electric option in space division? Look no further as the E-Z Fold demountable partition wall is the most economical way to separate large rooms into smaller ones without sacrificing aesthetic appeal and breaking the bank!
The E-Z Fold demountable partition wall is custom manufactured for your requirements and there is no labour to mount and demount the partition walls.

Before proceeding in erecting the E-Z Fold demountable partition wall, do make sure that all labor, materials, necessary equipment and services to complete the Automatic Vertically Folding Partition, as indicated on the drawings, or as specified herein or both are available.

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