|modular wall system|panel room divider|demountable wall systems|modular wall systems Are you in dire need to reconfigure your current office space? Your business is growing and your space requirements just cannot cope with the expansion but you do not have the time for traditional construction methods, Wouldn’t you like to find office space to give it a more modern up to date look to your clients? E-Z Fold knows that business owners and facility managers are becoming more and more concerned with lack of space and creating a professional work environment. This is why E-Z Fold came up with demountable wall systems that solve all of your interior office partition needs. Our demountable wall systems are considered to be some of the best systems on the market. All you need is a turn of a key and you’re set!

The motor assembly uses a spring cushioned torque arm in order to soften the starts and stops of the demountable wall systems. As part of this assembly, there is a sensor on the torque arm that detects higher than normal torque levels. In the event that a mechanical jamming has occurred in the demountable wall system, or if the upper limit switch fails to operate, this over torque sensor quickly cuts power to the motor.

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