|modular wall system|panel room divider|demountable wall systems|modular wall systems Whatever your space problem, E-Z Fold can help you find the right solution with our custom folding partitions! You can easily modify the size of space to meet your specific space need. Most importantly, apart from providing substantially soundproofed areas, folding partitions can be used for separate activities. E-Z Fold can resolve your need to construct or expand into additional premises or can offer the potential for increased revenue.

The cables that lift and support E-Z FOLD folding partitions are aircraft grade wire rope of the highest strength and quality. These cables are sized to offer a high factor of safety. Each of these cables is lifted by a separate cable drum that is keyed into the solid steel line shaft. In the unlikely event that a cable fails, this will not affect any of the other cables. Each cable drum is supported by two pillow block bearings, one on each side, for maximum safety.

The cable is wrapped over the drum such that at least three full wraps remain on the drum with the wall in the down position.
Inspection of the relevant aspects of the site must be made such as the evenness of the floor, walls, structural steel, etc., and ensure that these are within the tolerances stated in of this specification of folding partitions. Confirm in writing to the General Contractor or contract manager any deviations from these tolerances. Do not proceed with the folding partitions installation until these conditions are made good. Carry out all appropriate field measurements before manufacturing any components or assemblies.

Install E-Z Fold folding partitions in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions. The installation shall be by an authorized factory trained installer. Installation of the folding partitions shall be in accordance with ASTM E557 installation procedure.

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