|operable walls|folding walls|automatic walls|folding doors We pride ourselves on being able to design and install our folding walls systems into virtually any space. First, we use the unused ceiling space to store our system. This is where the sky is the limit in terms of what we’ve
done and can do to customize our system to suit your design. We can fit
our system between beams, ducts and pipes or under them and run our
cables around them. We have two motor drive systems that easily
accommodate the most cluttered plenums and your specific needs and

Conventional folding wall systems with the same STC rating of 51 usually
weigh 10-12 lbs. per square foot. Skyfold only weighs 71/2 to 8 lbs. per
square foot which leads to increased savings as the structural steel
alone can be substantial.

Compact Drive System - The motor assembly is mounted directly above the centre line of the folding walls. Support steel is only required at one location. There is a size restriction for this type of the folding walls: 60’-0” (18.288m) long x 10’-4” (3.15m) to the finished ceiling (or smaller); 36’-0” (10.975m) long x 12’-1” (3.685m) to the finished ceiling (or smaller)

The entire length of the bottom edge of the folding walls are equipped with a continuous pressure sensing strip which cuts power to the lifting equipment and will activate the brake. If the sensing edge comes in firm contact with an object, before the folding wall is in the full down (closed) position. The power shall remain cut to the lifting equipment until the key switch has been released or the direction.
of the wall has been reversed and the obstruction is removed.

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