Glass Wall Systems

Skyfold Mirage glass wall systems

Description of glass wall systems

Skyfold’s exclusive line of powerlift glass wall systems provides a unique way to subdivide space. Our custom built glass wall systems are completely automatic and retract into a ceiling cavity with a simple turnkey operation. Skyfold’s glass wall systems are designed for large glass openings. The elegant, precision engineered Skyfold’s glass wall systems meet the most challenging architectural specifications.

Skyfold Mirage are innovative automatic glass wall systems that are manufactured under strict quality control conditions. Installing Skyfold mirage wall systems puts you in command. Create a prosperous office environment with these beautiful glass wall systems. Our glass wall systems option makes excellent use of space and natural light. Inside offices can now be part of an open environment. The glass wall systems allow the outside light in.

Glass wall systems will revolutionize the way you design and work with your space. A simple turnkey operation opens and closes our wall systems, no physical effort is required. Since the Skyfold Mirage is modular you can design your space and system in the most cost efficient way possible.

The custom made Skyfold glass wall systems panels are available in a variety of finishes including:

  • Clear laminated glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Privacy glass

Advanced safety features:

Safety is of primary concern with all of Skyfold’s glass wall systems.

    • Two spring return key switches must be operated simultaneously to operate the glass wall system
    • The gear motor that powers the entire glass wall system is a heavy duty sealed industrial motor designed for hundreds of stops and starts an hour. It is rated for service several orders of magnitude more rigorous than the service it experiences on a Skyfold Mirage glass wall system.
    • The gear motor controls on our glass wall systems contain the latest in overload protection circuitry along with other electrical safeguards.
    • Our glass wall systems are equipped with optical sensors which cut power to the lifting equipment if a person or object passes between the transmitter(s) and receiver(s).

Some technical detail of the safety features on our glass wall systems

In all our glass wall systems an electromagnetic type of brake activates firmly, without hesitation, when power is lost to the system. This brake has a minimum retarding torque rating equal to 200% of the power drive full load torque. A manual break release lever is supplied on the motor on our glass wall systems.

Additionally the glass wall systems employ a dynamic brake, distinct and separate from the brake above, in order to lower the glass wall at a controlled speed of no more than approximately 150% of the normal down speed, in the case of a catastrophic failure in the power train. The lifting mechanism in our glass wall systems uses only aircraft grade wire manufactured from galvanized steel cable.

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