|Glass Walls Partitioning|Mirage Folding Walls|acoustical glass wall|glass folding partition Our imagination knows no limits, so why settle for outdated ways to maximize usable space? You don't have to anymore with the NEW Mirage glass folding partition that folds up and stores in the ceiling. Whether you need an all glass folding partition or one with a combination of glass and hard surfaces, Mirage is a solution that is as easy as turning a key.

Skyfold Mirage provides a large variety of folding partition walls whether it is office glass partitions, modular partitions or wall partitions. Glass folding partition is stylish and aesthetic. Glass folding partition meets the need for privacy yet complements a feeling of space with visual continuity. The flexibility of the glass folding partition is suited to be adapted to your environment.

The glass folding partition shall be equipped with an optical sensor, which shall cut power to the lifting equipment if an object or person passes between the emitter(s) and receiver(s). Regular operation of the glass folding partition shall resume once the key switch has been released and the direction of the wall has been reversed and the obstruction removed.

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