|Glass Walls Partitioning|Mirage Folding Walls|acoustical glass wall|glass folding partition Skyfold Mirage glass partitioning refers specifically to acoustical partitions that, when in the down position (closed) are hard, rigid, flat, plumb walls, made of a grid of rectangular panels, and when are lifted (opened), fold upward (vertically) without the use of any manual labor, in a manner similar to an accordion, into a pocket in the ceiling, between roof joists, or up between built in bulkheads.

Glass partitioning is equally effective in both commercial and domestic usage, For example, we saw glass partitioning used in a newly renovated office. The Executive Boardroom Suite consists of the Boardroom, a dedicated A/V equipment room accessed from the front entry alcove in the Boardroom, and a rear projection room accessed directly from the A/V equipment room. The Boardroom itself is 66 feet long and 21 _ feet wide and is dividable via Skyfold glass partitioning, which is a movable glass partitioning that descends from the ceiling into two similar sized smaller conference rooms. Each of these smaller conference spaces can be used simultaneously as the glass portioning is sound proof.

Using glass partitioning for an office space is more about maximizing workspace rather than just creating a private office. The flexibility of Skyfold Mirage glass partitioning guarantees a sophisticated combination of areas that are fully usable, occupying every last inch of space available.

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