|Glass Walls Partitioning|Mirage Folding Walls|acoustical glass wall|glass folding partition Skyfold Mirage are innovative automatic acoustic operable glass wall systems under specification section 10650 that will revolutionize the way we design, and work with, space.

The glass wall systems shall employ an electromagnetic type of brake that shall activate firmly, without hesitation, when power is lost to the system. This brake shall have a minimum retarding torque rating equal to 200% of the power drive full load torque. A manual break release lever is supplied on the motor. The glass wall systems shall employ a dynamic brake, distinct and separate from the brake above, in order to lower the wall at a controlled speed of no more than approximately 150% of the normal down speed, in the case of a catastrophic failure in the power train. Alternately, the glass wall systems shall employ a brake, distinct and separate from the brakes above, in order to completely halt the downward motion of the wall in the case of a catastrophic failure in the power train.

Installing Skyfold Mirage glass wall systems puts you in command. Create a prosperous office environment with these beautiful wall systems. Our glass walls systems option makes excellent use of space and natural light. Inside offices can now be part of an open environment. The glass wall systems reflect the outside light in.

Before commencing with the installation of Skyfold Mirage glass walls systems, please submit the manufacturer’s technical data for each type of glass wall systems specified herein.

Do also submit shop drawings showing complete layout of glass wall systems based on field verified dimensions. The drawings shall include dimensional relationship to adjoining work. Include details indicating materials, finishes, and tolerances, methods of attachment to building steel and electrical requirements. Please also submit certified test reports evidencing compliance to acoustical STC requirements as specified.

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