Gym Dividers

Skyfold Classic gym dividers

Description of gym dividers

Gym dividers can dramatically enhance the usage of your gym facility. In schools, universities and institutional settings a gym divider gives you the flexibility to easily reconfigure the gym floor plan to meet your requirements. Scheduling can be compressed because our gym dividers are so quick and easy to deploy. You can literally get more use out of your gym facility with a Skyfold gym divider. In a resort, hotel or spa setting you can benefit by connecting your gym or fitness center to the swimming pool using a movable glass wall system that provides unobstructed views from inside to out. Weather permitting the movable glass wall system folds quickly and quietly vertically into the ceiling leaving you with an inviting seamless vista. With a Skyfold system there are no floor tracks or side storage pockets to spoil your view.

Typical operation of a gym divider

Gym dividers are opened and closed using a spring return, 3 position key switch. Turning the key from the “off” position will cause the wall to move in the designated direction “up” or “down”. When hand pressure is removed, the wall immediately stops. The operable wall stops in a quick and positive fashion without coasting. As a normal part of the operation, it is possible to partially open (or close) the wall, stop it and then reverse the operation. There are 2 key switches per operable wall, on either side of the axis of the wall. As an integral part of our safety protocol, both key switches must be operated simultaneously.

From a fully open position, the gym dividers are able to go through their entire cycle of closing and/or opening without any manual intervention. When the gym divider is being lowered (closed) it will automatically come to rest once it has reached the fully down (closed) position. Oppositely, when the gym divider is being lifted (opened) it will automatically come to rest once it has reached the fully up (open) position. Electronic safeguards ensure that the lifting mechanism in our gym dividers cannot be overdriven. The gym dividers open and close at a constant nominal speed of approximately 5 to 10 vertical feet per minute (1.5. to 3 meters per minute). Unlike traditional room dividers a typical gymnasium can be reconfigured in just minutes using a Skyfold gym divider.

More information

Also Known as Gym Partitions, Custom Room Dividers, Folding Room Dividers, Panel Room Divider.