|modular wall system|panel room divider|demountable wall systems|modular wall systems With the recent trend towards corporate downsizing or moving to new buildings, modular wall systems allow commercial and corporate establishments to produce permanent offices, conference rooms and workspaces in no time flat.

Custom manufactured, E-Z Fold modular wall systems are completely automatic, rigid, flat, and retractable. A simple turn of a key switch and E-Z FOLD modular wall systems retract quietly into the ceiling (travel is 5í to 10í per minute). E-Z FOLD modular wall systems have eliminated the need for manual labour to assemble ††and disassemble walls as well as wall packet storage space.

Our engineers custom design all modular wall systems for your specific facility requirements. We donít use stock assemblies. We build every backstop so that the side braces join the main stem at exactly 54" above the goal. This ensures maximum structural integrity of the tetrahedral design.

Make sure you take into account all the related work that must be done by others in order to assure a safe and appropriate installation of the modular wall systems. These including making sure that Masonry/Concrete aspects are covered; Bulkheads and sound insulation above, below and in the fixed walls at both ends of the modular wall systems; the primary structural support, including steel beam for the wall as well as the miscellaneous support steel for the lifting machinery for the modular wall systems; ceiling storage pockets along axis of the modular wall systems; painting of trim, gypsum drywall and other adjacent materials; and all site wiring and connections for main power, including installation of key switches.

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