Motorized Wall Systems

Skyfold Classic motorized wall systems

Description of motorized wall systems

Skyfold’s motorized wall systems are available in a wide range of finishes. Skyfold’s exclusive line of motorized wall systems provides a unique way to subdivide space. Our custom built motorized wall systems are completely automatic and retract into a ceiling cavity with a simple turnkey operation. Skyfold’s motorized wall systems are designed for large openings. Our motorized wall systems meet the most challenging architectural specifications.

At Skyfold our innovative motorized wall systems are manufactured under strict quality control conditions. Installing a Skyfold motorized wall system puts you in command. Create a prosperous office environment with these beautiful motorized wall systems. Our glass motorized wall system option makes excellent use of space and allows natural light into the workplace. Inside offices can now be part of an open environment. The glass motorized wall system allows the outside light in.

The optional glass motorized wall system will revolutionize the way you design and work with your space. A simple turnkey operation opens and closes the motorized wall system, no physical effort is required. Since the Skyfold motorized wall system is modular you can design your space and system in the most cost efficient way possible.

Why choose our motorized wall system?

Our modern motorized wall system will outlast conventional wall systems. The panels that make up our motorized wall system do not experience the usual wear and tear as they are never handled during operation. The load generated by a Skyfold motorized wall system is static and requires less structural steel than a conventional motorized wall system because the load does not shift to one end of the building when stored. The motorized wall system requires no floor tracks, no wall storage pockets or closets, thereby eliminating the need for unsightly pocket doors. There are no visible hinges on a Skyfold’s motorized wall system.

Safety features of Skyfold’s motorized wall system

Safety is paramount on all of Skyfold’s motorized wall systems.

  • The motorized wall system is operated by two spring return key switches wired in series and operated simultaneously. Hand pressure must be maintained in order to operate the motorized wall system. When hand pressure is removed, the motorized wall system stops immediately in a quick and positive fashion without coasting.
  • As a normal part of the operation, it is possible to partially open (or close) the motorized wall system, stop it and then reverse the operation.
  • When one of the keys is released, the motorized wall system stops immediately, without coasting.
  • The gear motor that powers the entire motorized wall system is a heavy-duty, sealed, industrial motor designed for hundreds of stops and starts an hour. It is rated for service several orders of magnitude more rigorous than the service it experiences on Skyfold’s motorized wall system.
  • Separate from the gear motor assembly is a closed loop hydraulic checking device powered by the line shaft itself. When the motorized wall system is travelling downwards, the hydraulic checking device builds up a certain hydraulic pressure that is dependent on the motorized wall systems travel speed. In normal operation, this pressure is very low and this checking device offers no appreciable braking force on the motorized wall system. If, at any time, the floating wall system speed is substantially greater than normal, this checking device offers sufficient braking force to lower the motorized wall system to a speed no greater than 150% of normal operating speed.

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