|modular wall system|panel room divider|demountable wall systems|modular wall systems We strongly believe to have the best product to meet your space division with electric option needs. Do you want proof that our motorized wall systems can be suited for your specific room? Please visit our website so that you can view AutoCAD® drawings or view PDF files of 2 recently completed E-Z Fold motorized wall systems projects! We have added mechanical and electrical Details for a Full Gospel Church and the Somers High School as examples.

E-Z FOLD motorized wall systems was designed with safety as a main criteria.
This is reflected not only in the design philosophy of the motorized wall systems but also in certain specific sub-systems and components.

E-Z fold’s motorized wall systems have a minimum wall length is 4’- 0". The height of the partition is built using an even number of panels, i.e.: 4, 6, 8, etc to a maximum ceiling height of 30’- 0” (16 panels high). E-Z fold’s motorized wall systems that can accommodate virtually any dead load deflection in the support structure as long as it is known in the early design stages and before fabrication. E-Z Fold’s flexible floor seal can adapt to live load deflections of 3/4" including construction tolerances in the floor.

An electric motor shall be supplied for a three-phase power supply. The motor assembly is mounted directly above the centre line of all motorized wall systems. The support steel is only required at one location.

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