|Glass Walls Partitioning|Mirage Folding Walls|acoustical glass wall|glass folding partition As a general rule no switches, alarms, thermostats, doorframes, etc. should be placed on the fixed walls or columns directly below the pocket. If it is absolutely necessary then that the movable glass wall system should be flush mounted and never located in the area on the fixed wall occupied by the wall in its closed or down position.

The moving glass wall system shall be opened and closed using a spring return, 3 position key switch. Turning the key from the “off” position shall cause the wall to move in the designated direction “up” or “down”. When hand pressure is removed, the movable glass wall system shall immediately stop. The movable glass wall system shall stop in a quick and positive fashion without coasting. As a normal part of the operation, it shall be possible to partially open (or close) the wall, stop it and then reverse the operation. There shall be 2 key switches per operable wall, on either side of the axis of the wall.

The load is static and requires less than a movable glass wall system because the load does not shift to one end of the building when stored and does not require pockets for storage in the wall.

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