|modular wall system|panel room divider|demountable wall systems|modular wall systems E-Z Fold® is a movable partitions wall system custom designed for large openings. The functional, precision-engineered movable partitions of E-Z Fold meet the most challenging architectural specifications and demanding work areas.

E-Z Fold is the definitive movable partitions system that totally disappears! E-Z Fold is purposely designed to meet the changing requirements of exhibition halls, airports, theatres, corporate offices, banks, and colleges. This movable partitions system is easy to operate. A turn of a key sends the E-Z Fold wall vertically into the ceiling. Unlike traditional moveable partitions, E-Z Fold is the alternative system that provides an appealing environment for medium to large space areas.

To save on steel costs, the drive system is mounted to the same structure directly above and supporting the E-Z Fold movable partitions. This movable partitions system is designed around a downward facing C8x11.5 “C” channel but can be attached directly to slab or to existing structure with the use of an adapter plate. The maximum height for this system is 30’- 0” to the finished ceiling

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