Operable Walls

Skyfold Classic operable walls

Description of Skyfold operable walls

Automatic vertically folding acoustical wall (from here on called operable walls) shall refer specifically to acoustical partitions that, when in the down position (closed) are hard, rigid, flat, plumb walls, made of a grid of rectangular acoustical panels, and when are lifted (opened), fold upward (vertically) without the use of any manual labour, in a manner similar to an accordion, into a pocket in the ceiling, between roof joists, or up between built in bulkheads. In the down (closed) position, the wall shall be comprised of two vertical planes of acoustical panels, separated by an acoustical air space.

Skyfold operable walls can be designed into any space and fitting between columns is our specialty, even round columns. Below are a few layouts and minimum column sizes to consider. Note for ceiling heights greater than 20’- 10″ the 11″ and 5½” minimum dimensions indicated below are 13″ and 6½” respectively.

The operable walls employ an electromagnetic type of brake which shall activate firmly, without hesitation, when power is lost to the system. This brake shall have a minimum retarding torque rating equal to 200% of the power drive full load torque. A manual break release lever is supplied on the motor.

Parts and labour required to maintain the operable walls and part subject to normal wear and tear are not covered under the warranty and are the owner’s responsibility.

More information

You can learn more at skyfold.com.

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