|operable walls|room dividers|operable partitions|automatic walls This system is radically different from traditional operable wall systems. Skyfold® Classic™ is fully automated. A simple turnkey operation retracts the partition quietly and effortlessly into the ceiling. Its automated design eliminates the need for manual labor to operate the wall and ensures that the acoustic rating of the wall is maintained as originally intended. This ensures that your Skyfold® Classic™ operable wall system will function acoustically as intended over its service life.

An operable wall is a versatile product designed to make the most of your space. Skyfold® Classic™ has also eliminated the need for manual labor to assemble and disassemble operable wall. Replacing damaged surface finish on a conventional system requires that the complete wall panel section be removed. This is not the case with Skyfold® Classic™.

Operable wall are the standard product to use when dividing classrooms, training rooms, ball rooms, and gymnasiums. Skyfold® Classic™ does not require any floor or wall tracks. The top and bottom seals rest against the floor and acoustic barrier respectively, when the wall is fully deployed. Neat and clean, operable walls should complement the room. They should provide the acoustic qualities of a fixed wall and be fitted with quality seals and closures.

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