|operable walls|room dividers|operable partitions|automatic walls Skyfold® Custom operable walls partitions are world leaders in operable wall systems because of their state-of-the-art automatic design, ease of use and the available customization to suit all of your specific needs. Skyfold® Custom Powerlift Partitions are the only automatic operable walls in the world that offer high acoustical ratings and fold vertically into the ceiling without manual intervention. Our operable walls use proven tracking and trolley systems to ensure that they stack correctly and close smoothly.

Skyfold® operable walls partitions are extremely durable and have no visible hinges or hardware. A wide variety of finishes are available, including vinyl, glass, fabric, stainless steel, aluminum, wood veneer, tapestry, murals, and more. Skyfold’s operable walls partitions are tested to high quality standards with life cycle. Choose from the following operable wall partitions.

Skyfold® Eclipse™ enables you to reconfigure any room with a simple turnkey operation, often in less than two minutes! These custom-manufactured, completely automatic, operable walls partitions are exceptionally lightweight and are available in a variety of finishes, configurations, and combinations. Skyfold® Eclipse™ is ideal anywhere a room barrier is required, from a school gymnasium to an airport baggage claim area!

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