Panel Room Divider

Skyfold Classic panel room divider

Description of panel room divider

The look of our panel room divider is visually appealing and can cater to any style preferences and decorating tastes. A conventional panel room divider can easily weigh 10 to 12 lbs per square foot. A Skyfold divider weighs as low as 6 to 7 lbs per square foot! The panels are never manhandled; therefore in terms of wear and tear Skyfold will outlast a competing room divider system. Panels on a Skyfold wall can be solid, glass, or open, in a variety of configurations and combinations. For example, the bottom 6 feet can be a solid, opaque panel and the upper areas can be open mesh or glass.

A Skyfold custom panel room divider has become the most flexible wall system as one large room can be divided into several different ones with unbelievable sound-reducing qualities. In this day and age where privacy and safe-guarding personal items has become increasingly important, the use of an innovative custom panel room divider can separate one room into various small rooms in a very short time span.

A panel room divider from Skyfold is your doorway to enjoying quiet space. A turn of a key is all that is needed for these revolutionary dividers to create a sound resisting environment in a quiet and effortless manner. These state of the art panel room dividers by Skyfold are made in virtually any finish including laminated wood veneers, and stainless steel. A Skyfold custom panel room divider is rigid, flat, retractable and fully automatic. No manual labor is required to assemble and dissemble the panel room divider.

Why choose our panel room divider?

Our modern custom panel room divider will outlast conventional wall systems. The panels that make up our panel room divider do not experience the usual wear and tear as they are never handled during operation. The load generated by a Skyfold panel room divider is static and requires less structural steel than a conventional panel room divider because the load does not shift to one end of the building when stored. The panel room divider requires no floor tracks, no wall storage pockets or closets, thereby eliminating the need for unsightly pocket doors. There are no visible hinges on a Skyfold panel room divider

A few advantages of a panel room divider

Our innovative panel room dividers provide:

  • Quite, effortless, turnkey operation – no manual labor is required to use our custom panel room divider
  • Rigid wall panels fold vertically into the ceiling for storage saving valuable floor space
  • No unsightly side storage pockets are needed for our panel room divider

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