Partition Divider Screen

Skyfold Classic partition divider screen

Description of partition divider screen

We can fit our partition divider screen under or between beams, ducts and pipes. Our motor drive system can easily accommodate the most cluttered plenums and totally satisfy your specific project needs. Your imagination knows no limits, so why settle for outdated ways to maximize usable space? You don’t have to anymore with a Skyfold partition divider screen that folds up and stores in the ceiling. Whether you need an all glass partition divider screen or one with a combination of glass and hard surfaces, Skyfold provides a solution that is as easy as turning a key. Skyfold provides a large variety of partition divider screens suitable for offices, airports, cafeterias, conference rooms, universities and more. A folding partition divider screen is stylish and aesthetically pleasing. A glass partition divider screen meets the need for privacy yet complements a feeling of space with visual continuity provided by transparent finishes. The flexibility of a partition divider screen is suited to be adapted to your environment in both interior and exterior applications. The partition divider screen can be easily moved and reconfigured making it possible to change its arrangement with relative ease. The partition divider screen enables you to respond rapidly to changes in corporate structure and business expansion. You can take the partition divider screen with you if you move to a new location and they can be restructured for specific project needs.

Advantages of a Skyfold partition divider screen

Our contemporary partition divider screen systems provide:

  • Quiet, effortless turnkey operation – no manual labour is required
  • The rigid partition divider screen folds vertically into the ceiling for storage, saving valuable floor space
  • No side storage pockets required for our partition divider screen
  • Custom manufactured
  • Panel inserts can be anything up to 1-5/8 inches thick (41 mm)
  • Built-in infrared safety system
  • Our partition divider screens are available in a variety of finishes

Additional features of our partition divider screen

A Skyfold partition divider screen is equipped with an optical sensor, which cuts power to the lifting equipment if an object or person passes between the emitter and receiver. Regular operation of the partition divider screen is resumed once the key switch has been released and the direction of the partition divider screen has been reversed and the obstruction removed.

The internal skeleton of the partition divider screen consists of a series of lifting mechanisms or pantographs that are made of structural grade aluminium and steel. For greater longevity and silent operation, all mechanical pivot points of the folding partition divider screens are made of high strength bolts or pins on plastic bushings. Aircraft-grade wire cables, of the highest strength and quality, pass through the mechanisms and fold and unfold the panels.

Fixed brush and sweep seals close the gap between the wall track and the pantographs (lifting mechanisms) of the folding partition divider screen, thus providing a visual barrier while flexible bulb seals close the gap between the floor and bottom panel on all partition divider screen systems.

A Skyfold partition divider screen can be installed with fixed ceiling height of up to 36’-0”. There is no practical limit to how long (wide) the partition divider screen can be.

The partition divider screen is equipped with a sealed, heavy-duty gear motor that powers the entire system. This lifting motor is designed for hundreds of stops and starts an hour and is rated for service several orders of magnitude more severe than the service it experiences on the Skyfold partition divider screen.

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