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Skyfold Classic sound proof room dividers

Description of sound proof room dividers

A large room will loose its intimacy when large crowds come together. One way to create a more pleasing and comfortable environment is to slice the room up with sound proof room dividers that create cozy corners. Skyfold sound proof room dividers can divide your large space into different rooms with completely different functions in each area. People can enjoy conversations and feel more at ease as the sound proof room dividers eliminate almost all crosstalk. Sound proof room dividers from Skyfold can soundproof any area you choose in order to reduce echo and reverberation. The materials used in our sound proof room dividers help improve speech clarity and overall sound quality. Skyfold sound proof room dividers are a proven solution for diminishing echo in offices, conference rooms, gymnasiums and multi function rooms. The look of our sound proof room dividers is visually appealing and can cater to any style preferences and decorating taste. Conventional sound proof room dividers can easily weigh 10 to 12 lbs per square foot. Our Skyfold sound proof room dividers weigh as little as 6 to 7 lbs per square foot! The panels are never manhandled; therefore in terms of wear and tear Skyfold will outlast the competing sound proof room dividers. Panels on Skyfold sound proof room dividers are available in a variety of configurations and combinations.

Sound proof room dividers have become the most portable and flexible wall systems as one large room can be divided into several different ones with unbelievable sound-reducing qualities. In this day and age where privacy and safe-guarding personal items has become increasingly important, the use of innovative folding sound proof room dividers can separate one room into various small rooms in a very short time span.

Skyfold sound proof room dividers are your doorway to enjoying a quiet space. A turn of a key is all that is needed for these revolutionary folding sound proof room dividers to create a sound resisting environment in a quiet and effortless manner. These state of the art folding sound proof room dividers by Skyfold are made in virtually any finish including laminate wood veneers, and stainless steel. Skyfold sound proof room dividers are completely automatic, rigid, flat, retractable and are custom manufactured. No manual labor is required to assemble and dissemble the contemporary folding sound proof room dividers

Why choose Skyfold’s sound proof room dividers?

Our modern sound proof room dividers will outlast conventional wall systems. The panels that make up our folding sound proof room dividers do not experience the usual wear and tear as they are never handled during operation. The load generated by Skyfold’s folding sound proof room dividers is static and requires less structural steel than a conventional folding sound proof room divider because the load does not shift to one end of the building when stored. The folding sound proof room dividers require no floor tracks, no wall storage pockets or closets, thereby eliminating the need for unsightly pocket doors. There are no visible hinges on Skyfold’s folding sound proof room dividers.

How are Skyfold room dividers rated?

The acoustic resistance capability often referred to as the acoustical rating of sound proof room dividers is most definitely one of the most important selection criteria when choosing sound proof room dividers. The sound resistant properties of Skyfold’s sound proof room dividers can shut out the inevitable noises of the busy urban environment, creating an oasis of calm when desired. When used in lecture theaters, simultaneous presentations can take place on either side without any fear of any noise crossover.

Acoustical Rating performance is most commonly measured using the STC rating. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class and is a single number quantifier used to indicate the acoustical rating of sound proof room dividers, as well as other partitions, windows, etc. The STC is based on calculating how effective the wall or window is on blocking sound

Depending on your requirements, Skyfold sound proof room dividers are available with a variety of different acoustical ratings, up to STC 57. Smart spaces can be created with flexible sound proof room dividers. Interior office and restaurant designers can now create acoustical separation without visual barriers. Depending on the type of glazing, our Mirage glass product line provides significant sound reduction when needed.

Dividing sound proof room dividers have increased in acoustic performance capabilities throughout the years. Skyfold products are built with end seals obstruction sensors, rigid insulation honeycomb composite panels and bottom seals. This results in an improved STC acoustical rating while maintaining less wall panel weight.

Developed as a modular system, Skyfold Mirage consists of a grid of rectangular acoustical panels. In its down position the sound proof room dividers present as hard, rigid and flat. When not in use, however, it folds vertically for storage into the ceiling.

The Skyfold Classic NR are fully automatic, custom built sound proof room dividers that redefine space and sound control with its exceptional high noise-reduction coefficient (NRC 0.65). Conferences held in meeting rooms divided by Skyfold Classic NR will not only benefit from an excellent STC rating of 50, but will also gain an advantage from the sound being absorbed within that space. The Skyfold Classic NR effectively absorbs ambient noise within the newly created room, attenuating sound levels for increased comfort.

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