Stacking Glass Walls

Skyfold Mirage stacking glass walls provide expansive, unobstructed views while keeping out noise.

Skyfold Mirage and Mirage XT stackable glass walls are suitable for offices, airports, cafeterias, conference rooms, universities and more. Stackable glass walls are not only stylish and aesthetically pleasing but they also provide a wealth of natural light to your environment. A stacking glass wall meets the need for privacy yet complements a feeling of space with visual continuity. The flexibility of the stacking glass wall folding partition is suited to be adapted to your environment in both interior and exterior applications. Stacking glass walls are used extensively in cafés and bistros to extend the working footprint onto a terrace or deck.

What are the benefits of stacking glass walls?
Not only do our stacking glass walls provide architectural contemporary design element to your establishment but they also offer:

  • Convenient and efficient use of space
    • The stackable glass walls fold vertically and store in the ceiling, often an unused space
    • Does not use floor space for storage pockets
    • Can be installed virtually anywhere…in between beams, around ducts and pipes
  • Aesthetically pleasing stacking glass walls
    • No unsightly floor tracks
    • No unsightly side pocket doors
    • No visible hinges
  • Easy and Effective stacking glass wall solutions
    • Simple turnkey operation
    • No physical effort required
    • Retracts quietly and effortlessly into the ceiling
    • Cost-Effective and Lightweight
    • Modular system that allows for design flexibility

The stacking glass walls retract easily for wide-open views and can be stopped at any point while lifting or descending.

Our reputation in the industry for being one of the top manufacturers in stacking glass walls has been proven. Skyfold has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with nothing but the best quality products. Whether you require stacking glass walls for acoustical effectiveness, visual aesthetics and panel durability, Skyfold Mirage stacking glass walls are designed to last.

Some technical characteristics of the stacking glass walls

The stacking glass walls automatically and acoustically seal against the floor without the need for any manual intervention. The floor seals leave a joint between the floor and the bottom acoustical panels of not more than approximately 2.0” (51mm).

Our exterior stacking glass walls come complete with:

  • A built-in infrared safety system
  • Multiple electrical locking mechanisms to ensure that the stacking glass wall partition meets the highest forced entry resistance standards

Stacking glass walls are available in a variety of finishes:

  • The panel inserts can accept almost any material 1 1/8″ (28.5mm) in thickness
  • Our standard glass panel configuration is (air filled) Low E, insulated, clear laminated glass. Other available options are frosted glass, privacy glass, and more.

Advantages of Skyfold stacking glass walls
Our innovative stacking glass walls provide:

  • Quite, effortless, turnkey operation – no manual labor is required to use our stacking glass walls
  • Rigid wall panels fold vertically into the ceiling for storage saving valuable floor space
  • No unsightly side storage pockets are needed for our stacking glass walls
  • Each stacking glass wall is custom manufactured

Safety features of Skyfold stacking glass walls
Safety is paramount on all the stacking glass walls.

  • The stacking glass walls are operated by two spring return key switches wired in series and operated simultaneously. Hand pressure must be maintained in order to operate the stacking glass walls. When hand pressure is removed, the stacking glass walls immediately stop in a quick and positive fashion without coasting.
  • As a normal part of the operation, it is possible to partially open (or close) the stacking glass wall, stop it and then reverse the operation.
  • When one of the keys is released, the stacking glass wall stops immediately, without coasting.
  • The gear motor that powers the entire stacking glass wall is a heavy-duty, sealed, industrial motor designed for hundreds of stops and starts an hour. It is rated for service several orders of magnitude more rigorous than the service it experiences on a Skyfold stacking glass wall.
  • Separate from the gear motor assembly is a closed loop hydraulic checking device powered by the line shaft itself. When the stacking glass walls are traveling downwards, the hydraulic checking device builds up a certain hydraulic pressure that is dependent on wall travel speed. In normal operation, this pressure is very low and this checking device offers no appreciable braking force on the stacking glass walls. If, at any time, the wall speed is substantially greater than normal, this checking device offers sufficient braking force to lower the stacking glass walls at a speed no greater than 150% of normal operating speed.

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