|Glass Walls Partitioning|Mirage Folding Walls|acoustical glass wall|glass folding partition SkyFold Mirage stacking glass walls provide expansive, unobstructed views and give a clear view while keeping out noise. The stacking glass walls retract easily for wide-open views and can be stopped at any point while lifting or descending.

Our reputation in the industry for being one of the top manufacturers in stacking glass walls has been proven. Skyfold Mirage has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with nothing but the best quality products. Whether you require stacking glass walls for acoustical effectiveness, visual aesthetics and panel durability, Skyfold Mirage stacking glass walls are designed to last.

The stacking glass walls shall automatically and acoustically seal against the floor without the need for any manual intervention. The floor seals shall leave a joint between the floor and the bottom acoustical panels of not more than approximately 1 _ (45mm).

Adjust and fine-tune the stacking glass walls to ensure that all seals are operating and sealing properly and that the walls are in correct and smooth operation

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