|Glass Walls Partitioning|Mirage Folding Walls|acoustical glass wall|glass folding partition Here is why Skyfold Mirage are the best structural glass wall systems: There is a better use of space, have clean sightlines, and no stacked wall storage or closet needed. The Skyfold Mirage Structural glass wall systems also have a built-in infrared safety system and come in multiple glass- and non-glass finishes. The structural glass wall systems also feature a key operated fast-motorized set up and come with a 10 Year 5000 cycle warranty.

The large amount of configurations that structural glass wall systems offer to architects and interior designers enables them the creative liberty to develop almost any environment.

From conference rooms to executive offices to limited space environments, Skyfold Mirage’s structural glass wall systems add elegance to any room. For those who prefer to retain privacy, a variety of finishes such as frosted glass is available.

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