Skyfold Classic Series

Technical Center for Classic Series

Here, in the technical center, you will find all the technical details of the Classic Series of operable walls. This includes the acoustic seals, back-up procedure, the walls adjacent to columns, finish application, how walls intersect, how the motors are mounted, how multiple walls are driven by one motor, how much space is required to allow it’s path of travel to be unobstructed, stepped and sloped floors, and downloadable schematics and REVIT files.

Acoustic Seals

This page describes how the acoustic seals around the wall operate in insuring that as little sound is transmitted thorough the partition as possible.

Back-Up Operating Procedure

Skyfold’s retractable walls are normally operated by two people each pushing a button keeping the operation as simple as possible. However, in the unlikely event of a failure (for example a power failure), the wall can be manually operated by following the instructions on this page.

Column Detail

This page in the technical center shows how the Skyfold folding wall is aligned to various column configurations.

Finish Application

The finish is applied to the panel as sheet of the material chosen. This page shows how this appears in practice.

Intersecting Walls

The Skyfold Classic operable wall can be install to interect with other Classic walls at 90° angles. This page shows illustrations on how the walls are installed relative to each other.

Mounting and Motor Details

This section shows how the motor is mounted into the ceiling above the partition using various techniques of attachment to the building’s steel structure.

Multiple walls off one motor

More than one movable partition can be opened and closed from one motor. This page shows examples of how this is achieved.

Obstructions in Plenum Space

This section illustrates how to work around obstructions that can be found in the ceiling when installing a Skyfold retractable wall.

Path of travel

Due to the way the operable wall folds as it is opening and closing, there must be a clear, unobstructed path. This page illustrates the path the Classic wall takes as it deployed.

Stepped and Sloped walls

The illustrations on this page shows how appears when in the down position for both a stepped floor and for a sloped floor.

Downloadable Drawings

This section of the technical center is where you can download various drawings, schematics and REVIT files.

Technical center for Skyfold Classic Series