Skyfold Classic

Standard Deflection Criteria


As a standard, Skyfold partitions are designed to accommodate a ½” (12.7mm) live load deflection at normal or typical operating conditions. In the rare event that the live load deflection exceeds ½” (12.7mm), the partitions will remain operable however, the lower panels may kick-out slightly. The partitions are also designed for a dead load deflection of 1” (24.5mm). Special components are available to accommodate larger deflections at additional costs; however, this would change the design heights of the partition. Any special design considerations must be communicated to Skyfold during the design phase and prior to order and fabrication.

It’s important to note that for structural design and deflection considerations, the Skyfold load is considered as a dead load, with the same vertical load being applied to the structure whether the Skyfold is in the up (retracted) position or the down (extended) position. The Skyfold partition is leveled on the structure after it is installed and the structure has the full dead load applied.