Skyfold Mirage

Skyfold Mirage Operable Walls Design Tips

Since Skyfold Mirage is a type of modular system, the following examples and charts are to be used as a quick reference when determining space requirements for your Skyfold Mirage needs.

These examples and charts also indicate the parameters which will enable you to maximize the Skyfold Mirage System in the most cost efficient way.

Example 1:

The customer requires an 11’-4” (3455mm) finished ceiling height.

If the customer drops to an 11’-3” (3430mm) height, two (2) rows of panels are eliminated, thus reducing the cost of the wall.

The minimum wall length is 9’-0” (2745mm). There is no restriction on the maximum wall length.

Our maximum ceiling height is 24’-0” (7315mm).

It is more economical for the customer if the wall lengths stay within increments of 12’-0” (3660mm) without going over.

Example 2:

24’ (7315mm) long wall instead of 25’ (7620mm) – 2 panels on the length instead of 3.

60’ (18290mm) long wall instead of 61’ (18595mm) – 5 panels on the length instead of 6.

Incorporating the above guidelines will result in substantial savings for the customer.

The Skyfold Mirage uses our standard drive system. For ease of design, installation and maintenance, this motor assembly mounts directly above the wall.

Isometric View

Isometric view of Skyfold Mirage movable wall
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Dimension Charts

Skyfold Mirage – Design Charts IMP Design chart    MET Design chart
Skyfold Mirage – Generic Drawing Details Drawing details
Design tips for Skyfold Mirage glass movable walls