Zenith® Series

Skyfold Zenith Series

Introducing the Zenith Series of partitions

The Zenith Series of retractable walls is latest model added to the three products Skyfold offers. Offering most of the advantages and features of the Classic series, it also is lighter and has a thinner path-of-travel. The thinner path-of-travel allows the wall to be used in layouts that have obstructions that may prevent the Classic series to be used. In ballrooms or conference halls, furniture can be placed closer together and need not be moved allowing for more capacity. The Zenith Series comes in three different models: Zenith 48, with a STC rating of 48 (Rw 47); Zenith 55, our midrange model (STC 55, Rw 54); and Zenith 60, with an STC rating of 60 (Rw 59), the highest in the industry. Click on the link to learn more about the Zenith Series of movable walls.
Examples of Skyfold Zenith Series