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Skyfold Zenith Operable Walls Design Tips

The maximum wall size for the Zenith Operable Walls is 48’-0” (14,630mm) long x 12’-0” (3660mm) high (smaller configurations are available).

The minimum wall length that can be manufactured is 5′-6″ (1676mm).

Since Skyfold Zenith Operable Walls are modular systems, the information below provides:

a) A quick reference when determining space requirements for your Skyfold Zenith needs.

b) The parameters that will enable you to utilize Skyfold Zenith Operable Walls in the most cost-effective way.

Example 1:

An 8’- 1” (2465 mm) finished ceiling height is required. If the customer can drop to a height of 8’- 0” (2440 mm), a row of panels is eliminated, thus reducing the cost of the wall.

It is more economical for the customer if the wall lengths stay within 12’-0” increments, without going over.

Example 2: (wall length scenarios)

24’ (7315 mm) long wall instead of 25’ (7620 mm) = 2 panels on the length instead of 3.

36’ (10,975 mm) long wall instead of 37’ (11,280 mm) = 3 panels on the length instead of 4.

Incorporating the above guidelines will result in substantial savings for the customer.

Standard Drive System:

For ease of design, installation, and maintenance, the motor assembly mounts directly above the wall.

Isometric View

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Dimension Charts

Skyfold Zenith® Operable Walls – Design Charts IMP Design chart    MET Design chart
Skyfold Zenith® Operable Walls – Generic Drawing Details Design chart


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