Skyfold Zenith Series

Finishes for Zenith Series

Here, in the finishes section, you will find all the possible finishes for the Zenith Series of operable walls. This includes fabrics by Victor, vinyl, Fusions by Surfacequest, painted, marking surfaces, wood veneer, plastic laminates, stainless steel and other metals, artwork and a mixture of the finishes listed.


Skyfold’s standard fabric is the Victor Dune 4505 series. This page lists the colours available.


The standard vinyl available at Skyfold is from Koroseal Building Standards Type II. Go to vinyl page to see the colours and patterns available.

Fusions by Surfacequest

Architectural Fusions are durable micro-overlays, whose trade names Belbien and Reatec might be more familiar to you. They come in a wide variety of patterns which can be seen in this section of finishes.


Skyfold uses Firestone Una-Clad paint finishes on their panels. Visit this page to see what is offered.


This section shows other possible finishes including metal, marking surfaces, wood veneer, plastic laminates, artwork or murals and the fact that you may use any combination of the listed materials to really make your interior design shine.

Important notes

It is important to note that the Zenith 48 model of partitions is only available in standard vinyl, fabric or white marker board. For more information on this, please contact your local Skyfold dealer or +1 (514) 457-4767.

If you have a material that you would like to use in place of the finishes listed in these pages, please contact your local Skyfold dealer or Skyfold directly to determine if the material you wish to use can be applied to the panels.

Finishes for Skyfold Zenith Series