Skyfold Zenith® Premium

Advantages of Skyfold Zenith Premium Operable Walls

Easy and Efficient

  • Simple digital touch screen operation
  • No physical effort required
  • Room configuration changed in minutes
  • Retracts quietly and effortlessly
  • Damaged sections easily replaced
  • REVIT drawings available for ease of design integration
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illustration of zenith deployment time

Exceptional Safety Features

  • Operated by two digital touch screen stations
  • Uses aircraft grade wire cables sized for a high safety factor
  • Each cable is lifted by a separate cable drum
  • Bottom leading edge equipped with an obstruction sensor and auto-reverse.

Convenient and Efficient Use of Space

  • Fold vertically and store in the ceiling, often an unused space
  • Does not use floor space for storage pockets
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere…in between beams, around ducts and pipes
  • Has a narrow path of travel allowing furniture to be positioned in very close proximity to the wall.


  • Panels never handled during operation
  • Panels do not experience the usual wear and tear
  • Will outlast conventional wall systems

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Seamless ceiling integration
  • Seals are internal
  • No unsightly wall and floor tracks
  • No unsightly side pocket doors
  • No visible hinges or hardware

Outstanding Acoustics

  • Exceptional STC ratings
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  • Pliable seals that seal tightly against most surfaces
Product STC Rw NRC SAC Weight
Zenith Premium 51 51 PDF 51 PDF 6.2 lbs/ft2 (30.4 kg/m2)
Zenith Premium 55 55 PDF 54 PDF 6.8 lbs/ft2 (33.3 kg/m2)
Zenith Premium 60 60 PDF 59 PDF 8.6 lbs/ft2 (42.1 kg/m2)
Zenith Premium NRC™ 50 PDF 49 PDF 0.65 PDF 0.65 PDF

Weights are based on partitions
24′-0" (7315mm) long x 12′-0" (3660mm) high.

Acoustic performance of Skyfold® moveable walls as compared to conventional operable walls

Cost-Effective and Lightweight

  • Modular system that allows for design flexibility
  • Not expensive to replace damaged panels
  • Weighs 6.2 to 8.6 lbs per square foot (30.4 to 42.0 kg/m2, compared to 10 to 12 lbs (48.8 to 58.6kg) with conventional walls
  • Light weight resulting in savings in structural steel
  • Even load exerted on structure, no load concentrations or shifting loads
  • The drive system is mounted to the same structure as the partition, further saving in steel costs

Lightest operable wall in its class at 6.2 lbs/ft² (30.4 kg/m²)

Available in a Variety of Finishes

  • Zenith Premium 51, Zenith Premium 55 and Zenith Premium 60 are available in vinyl, fabric, specialty metals, plastic laminates, marking surfaces, wood veneer, and more
  • Zenith Premium NRC is available in acoustically transparent fabric only.
Advantages of Skyfold Zenith Series