Skyfold Zenith® Premium

Premium Fabric – Carnegie Xorel – Skyfold Collection

Available on Classic 51, 55, 60 and NRC

Skyfold Zenith panels can be manufactured with many different finishes. Although we offer a wide range of standard colors, we encourage you to select your own custom finish to personalize your project. You can even have multiple finishes applied on the same wall!

In partnership with Carnegie Fabrics, Skyfold is pleased to offer the most popular patterns and colors of Carnegie Xorel, Carnegie’s popular State of the Art fabrics. These selections are available to Skyfold customers on an accelerated delivery schedule.

Please note that the color will vary from screen to screen and may not be a true representation.

Meteor 6427 700
6427 700
Meteor 6427 705
6427 705
Meteor 6427 706
6427 706
Meteor 6427 766
6427 766
Nexus 6425 903
6425 903
Strie 6423 807
6423 807
Strie 6423 809
6423 809


Fabric swatches for Zenith Series