Modular Wall Systems

Skyfold Classic modular wall systems

Description of modular wall systems

Skyfold modular wall systems allow commercial and corporate establishments to reconfigure their floor plan to meet changing requirements. You can change your layout to produce permanent offices, conference rooms and workspaces in no time flat. Skyfold modular wall systems are mainly used to better utilize space, as an acoustic separation, for traffic control and to generate revenue possibilities for a building owner. Whether you are looking to save on energy, divide a large surface to use it for various purposes, or simply to control the environment, modular wall systems operated electrically are installed. Modular wall systems are commonly used in hotels, reception halls, churches, universities, colleges, high schools, theaters, conference rooms, restaurants and more.

Different trends in the modular walls industry have evolved through the years in order to better serve modern needs. The trends and innovations made throughout time have not only increased the quality of the modular wall system itself, but also in the way it is used.

Today, modular wall systems are engineered to perfection, using materials and techniques developed by architects and engineers. Lighter materials are introduced, sound acoustics performances are substantially improved, and the aesthetics have been redesigned.

Custom manufactured, Skyfold modular wall systems are completely automatic, rigid, flat, and retractable. A simple turn of a key switch and Skyfold modular wall systems retract quietly into the ceiling (travel is 5’ to 10’ per minute). Skyfold modular wall systems have eliminated the need for manual labor to assemble and disassemble walls. When the modular wall system retracts into the ceiling there is very little evidence that there was even a wall there. There are no floor track or side storage pockets.

Our engineers custom design all modular wall systems for your specific facility requirements. We don’t use stock assemblies, everything is custom made.

Advantages of Skyfold modular wall systems

Our innovative modular wall system provides:

  • Quiet, effortless turnkey operation – no manual labor required.
  • Rigid wall folds vertically into the ceiling for storage, saving valuable floor space
  • No side storage pockets required
  • Custom manufactured
  • Panel inserts can be anything up to 15/8 inches thick (41 mm)
  • Built-in infrared safety system
  • Glass available in a variety of finishes, including
    • Clear laminated glass
    • Frosted glass
    • Privacy glass

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