Skyfold Classic


Skyfold Classic Operable Walls are very customizable. Many other finishes, as in the examples below, are available upon request.

Please take note that Classic NRC is available in acoustically transparent fabric only.

Panel finishes cannot exceed 1/8” (3mm) in thickness. Vinyl and fabric finishes are wrapped around the panel edges. These finishes cannot exceed 0.040” (1mm) in thickness. Any finishes that exceed 0.040” (1mm) can only be applied onto the face of the panel and must be more rigid in nature such as plastic laminates and wood veneers.

#4 Stainless Steel


Marking Surfaces

Skyfold Classic Operable Walls are available in whiteboard finish to be used as a marking surface made with white Lampre Laminite from Italy.

White board

Wood Veneer


Many Metallic Surfaces


Artwork / Murals


Mixed Finishes



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