Skyfold Mirage

Advantages of Skyfold Mirage

Easy and Efficient

  • Simple turnkey operation
  • No physical effort required
  • Room configuration changed in minutes
  • Retracts quietly and effortlessly

Cost-Effective and Lightweight

  • Modular system that allows for design flexibility
  • Weighs only 7½ to 8 lbs per square foot (36.6 to 39.1 kg/m2) resulting in savings in structural steel
  • Exerts a static load distributed over the length of the wall, no load concentrations or shifting loads
  • The drive system is mounted to the same structure as the partition, further saving in steel costs

Available in a Variety of Finishes

  • Panel inserts can accept any material 1 1/8" (28.5mm) in thickness
  • Our standard is clear double laminated glass. Other available inserts: plexiglas, Lexan, bullet proof glass, frosted glass and more. If acoustics are not an issue, we can offer a 7/16" (11.1mm) clear single laminated glass.

Exceptional Safety Features

  • Operated by two push button switches controlled by a single three position key switch
  • Uses aircraft grade wire cables sized for a high safety factor
  • Each cable is lifted by a separate cable drum
  • Comes complete with a built-in infrared safety system

Convenient and Efficient Use of Space

  • Folds vertically and stores in the ceiling, often an unused space
  • Does not use floor space for storage pockets
  • Can be installed virtually between beams, around ducts and pipes


  • Panels never handled during operation
  • Panels do not experience the usual wear and tear
  • Will outlast conventional wall systems

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • No unsightly floor tracks
  • No unsightly side pocket doors
  • No visible hinges
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