Le Québec en mode séduction au Texas

March 13, 2017

“Les entreprises rencontrées par la ministre en matinée - CGI, CAE, Skyfold et Enerkem - lui ont manifesté leurs préoccupations par rapport à la renégociation anticipée de l'ALÉNA et aussi sur la mobilité de la main-d'oeuvre. Pour des entreprises basées au Québec mais qui font autant d'affaires aux États-Unis, il est primordial d'assurer que leurs employés puissent aller y travailler sans trop d'obstacles.”

(The companies met by the minister - CGI, CAE, Skyfold and Enerkem - expressed their concerns over the renegotiation of NAFTA and also on labor mobility. For Quebec based companies doing so much business in the United States, it is essential to ensure that their employees can go to work there without too many obstacles.)

– La Presse

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A Zenith expansion from Style

January 31, 2017

“The exceptional Zenith range of unique Skyfold vertical-rising partitioning walls has been expanded, giving specifiers even greater acoustic flexibility coupled with improved sound absorption.”

– Specification Online

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Oman's most hi-tech convention centre is now open, set to host exhibition

September 28, 2016

“And for the first time in Oman, the 20,000 sqm hall will feature Skyfold doors system, a vertically rising, moveable wall that can split the hall into five smaller ones with a click, according to McCartney.”

– Times of Oman

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Site visit: Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.

June 2, 2016

“The 22,000 sqm of column-free exhibition space can be divided into five halls with acoustically-rated, operable Skyfold partitions, which according to Al Qasmi, ‘[go] up in the ceiling within three minutes’. ‘The overall exhibition space of 22,000 sqm is divisible into five separate halls using the technology embodied in proprietary “Skyfold” partition systems, which operate vertically by remote control, thus providing full flexibility and speed to create the required space and area.’ ”

– The Free Library by Farlex

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Project Spotlight: The Washington Post Reimagines News Media

August, 2016

“While many of the branding elements hearken back to the Post’s past, the company’s new home is decidedly a forward-leaning media environment. Witness the 400-person multi-purpose room, located on the fourth floor. With its studio lighting, AV equipment, and Skyfold partitions, the flexible space is the ideal locale for the news organization’s many Washington Post Live events, which feature leading experts, emerging voices and newsmakers discussing the most pressing issues of the day.”

– GenslerOnWork

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Project: Cushman & Wakefield

September, 2016

“The high-profile building renovation required delicate attention to adjacent tenants, so not to disrupt their daily business ongoing operations. The visually striking reception, lobby, and office area combine features through the use of glass, stone, wood, fabrics and marble. The complimentary design elements in the boardroom and adjacent conference room include a vertical-lift Skyfold partition that hides in the ceiling when open, as well as hidden wood-paneled doors to the breakroom. Furthermore, back-of-house office fronts are individual office spaces constructed with sustainable DIRTT office fronts.”

– Pacific Builders, Inc.

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Strengthening of Canada-Hong Kong commercial relationship

September 6, 2016

“Skyfold of Quebec announced the sale of one of its fully automatic vertical acoustic folding wall systems to Rosewood Hong Kong, a new luxury hotel. This is Skyfold’s biggest project in Hong Kong to date.”

Meeting between Hong Kong and Canada

– Prime Ministers Office of Canada

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Flexible design at the touch of a button

January 2016

“Allowing rooms to be divided at the press of a button, four Skyfold partitions were incorporated into the design allowing staff to change the size of the room in just 15 minutes doubling, tripling or halving capacity to suit the clients' needs. The fully automatic partitioning walls are housed in the ceiling cavity when not in use, completely freeing up floor space for functions. With fabric-covered sound absorption panels, the Skyfold walls off a 54dB Rw acoustic rating, delivering excellent privacy between divided spaces.”

– Leisure Design & Build

Article appears on page 34

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Vox Conference Centre (Case Study)

Early 2016

“Highlights of the fit out include the 5m high bespoke feature wall in the entrance foyer, and the £1m Skyfold wall (the largest in Europe) which allows the 15,000 sq ft main hall to be subdivided into ten different configurations, and accommodate from 48 to 900 people.”

– Overbury

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The Specialist in Acoustic Vertically Folding Retractable Walls

October 2015

“With an available system STC of up to 60 (Rw59), panel STC of up to 66 (Rw64) and an available NRC of up to 0.65, sound transmission is no longer a concern for this fully electric system that can be fully deployed in a matter of minutes. Skyfold is proud to be associated with over 120 installations including some of the most prestigious projects in the Middle East.”

– Arab Construction World

Photo appears on page 15
Article appears on page 18

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Space Optimiser

September 28-30, 2015

“Architects and facility managers have long been relying on Skyfold’s quick and easy acoustic space management solutions to reconfigure multifunction rooms, players’ meeting rooms and auditoriums for press conferences and the media, and even to control crowd circulation!”

– PanStadia & Arena Management

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Espero's first electrical vertical wall, Skyfold.

July 2, 2015

“Grieghallen is also a popular venue for trade fairs and conferences as the building contains 16 conference rooms, no less! And in one of those rooms, the Klokkeklang conference room, ESPERO, in conjunction with our Norwegian agent, recently fitted its first Skyfold wall. The choice fell on a Skyfold Classic wall with a Nevamar HPL finish and black profiles so that the wall would be in keeping with the building’s design as far as possible.”

– Archello

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What can you fit inside 3,000 sq.m.?

July 01, 2015

“The main ballroom is stunningly huge. During the tour, it seemed impossible to take it all in, or even walk from end to end. However, guests who walked from one end to the other could clearly hear others speak from the other end. This is the result of excellent acoustics, aided by the Skyfold system employed in the walls of the ballroom. The Skyfold system is a folding wall used by the hotel to divide the ballroom for smaller functions. It has soundproofing qualities, and some sections of this wall are separated by a few feet from the next, ensuring that multiple events going on at the same time will not disturb the other.”

– Business World

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Bookings ahead of schedule at Vox and up 43% at The Link

June 25, 2015

“The Skyfold walls are a fantastic investment as it means we can completely change the size of a room in just 15 minutes, doubling, tripling or halving capacity to suit the clients’ needs. Due to the technology used, the walls are tucked away neatly in the ceiling so they are not only giving the room a seamless appearance but they are not taking up valuable floor space either.”

– Conference News

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Global Law Firm Pillsbury chooses Skyfold partitions

March 24, 2015

“Skyfold was chosen as the best option, providing flexible space that can be easily adapted to the needs of users. With outstanding acoustic integrity, virtually sound-proofed rooms can be created in a divided area if required. Available in an almost limitless range of finishes from bespoke images and logos right through to wipe-clean white boards, the Skyfold can be personalised to complement any interior décor. At Pillsbury’s a high quality, Maharam fabric was specified to match the internal aesthetics.”

– Barbour Product Search

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Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co chooses Skyfold

February 9, 2015

“The speed at which the Skyfolds allow us to divide the various areas is invaluable,” confirms Penny March, Director for Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co. “There is no fuss and in fact, they are actually rather impressive as they descend from the ceiling.”

– Building Product Search

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Energy efficiency, Façades and Building automation/control systems are the new sub-categories that listed 2014 winners

January 2015

“All of the judges were unanimous in their decision to pick out the winner of this group as Skyfold® Classic 60™ by Railtech Ltd (Skyfold), with their vertically folding retractable acoustic operable wall partitioning system that stores in the ceiling when not in use. This electric system is push button operational and provides for excellent acoustic rating and can be used in just about any location that requires room space division. Andrew Best started the conversation off with some good comments: ‘They are ringing a few of my bells. This is quite interesting as a concept because you always see boardrooms, hotels and meeting rooms where the way of dividing them up is always visually intrusive whereas this provides something different.’”


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Product Innovation Award 2014 - Skyfold® Classic 60™, Montreal, Canada

January 2015

“A recent retrofit project for a multinational corporate office in London had specific requirements from the architect and client for their meeting room space. The architect selected Skyfold®’s Classic 60™ to achieve the highest on-site acoustics, reconfigure the space by anyone in 2 minutes and save considerable floor space. The wall panels were finished in customized graphics to reflect the corporate identity and room aesthetics.”


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Meeting needs

October 2014

“Henderson Global Investors led the way in corporate interiors back in 2009 when we installed seven Skyfold partitions in our new London headquarters,” explained TH Real Estate facilities director Fred Kinahan

“Since then, we have been impressed by the acoustic privacy they achieve between the divided areas, the ease-of-use, and the reliability. The new STC60 system was the obvious choice.”

– Building Products

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Q&A with Stéphanie Fortin, Executive Director – International Business Development at Skyfold

September 20, 2014

“Q: As an exhibitor at our upcoming Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific event in Singapore, can you please give us an overview of the products that you offer the sports venue market?”

“A: Skyfold is an acoustic retractable wall system that stores in the ceiling when not in use. This electric system is deployed by a turnkey/push button operation and is fully automatic; it does not require manual operation. Skyfold products can be used in just about any location that requires quick and easy space division. It does not take up valuable floor space for storage pockets and does not require wall or floor tracks.”

– PanStadia & Arena Management

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Skyfold®: Flexible Space Management

Autumn 2014

“With the aim of providing VIP guests with an extremely high level of service, quality and comfort, the luxury suites in stadiums and arenas are now an increasingly lucrative source of revenue. A major criterion architects consider when designing luxury suites is the flexibility of the space, to reconfigure it from a VIP suite used by heads of state on match days, to prime spaces that can be hired out as meeting facilities for corporate events.”

“As VIP packages are developed to include and reflect the level of luxury provided, restricted lounge access, catering, hostess services and club facilities for the dignitaries can be conveniently located in an area enclosed by a Skyfold® wall.”

– PanStadia & Arena Management

Main article will be found on page 106.

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Canadian technology showcased at the new SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne

July 2014

“The SwissTech Convention Center on the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, inaugurated on April 3, 2014, showcases leading Canadian technology. The 20,000 square foot amphitheater can be transformed a number of different configurations in minutes with the push of a button, thanks to Canadian technologies Gala Systems and Skyfold. Gala Venue Translating Seating System has been used to create meeting rooms with up to 3,000 seats, which are stored below the floor. The Skyfold technology features self-guided stage risers and folding retractable walls. The numerous room and seating configurations offer event organizers maximum flexibility.”

– Panorama Canada

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Style's Skyfold partition divides JLT auditorium

July 4, 2014

“This is a vital, client-facing part of JLT’s offices and has to represent the hallmarks of an extremely prestigious organisation,” comments Steve Jackson, Divisional Projects Director of fit-out specialists for the development, ISG. “Skyfold partitions are certainly impressive as they descend automatically from the ceiling but, more importantly, they also deliver exceptional acoustic privacy, greatly increasing the functionality of the space.”

– Barbour Product Search (UBM Information Ltd.)

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Intelligent Interior

Annual 2014

“Within the interior of the building, emphasis was placed on creating flexible space. The project team agreed that the main auditorium had to have the capability to be quickly subdivided into smaller rooms to accommodate a variety of events. Skyfold vertical partitions were therefore installed to enable acoustic separation for the balcony seating. A fully automated high-tech approach to this challenge was central and soon became a key selling point of the project.”

– collaborate

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Convention Centers of the Future, Designed Today

September, 2013

“Many centers are being built with technology that can reconfigure the facility in only minutes. The Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, is set to open in 2014. It’s being designed with Skyfold walls—a Gala Venue technology that automatically transforms stage platforms and detachable seating rows to accommodate a variety of events.”

– collaborate

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Skyfold Delivers Open-Plan Healthcare

March 14, 2014

“Opportunities to deliver flexible space within operating theatres are now being incorporated into cutting-edge hospital designs,” explains Sargent. “As medical advances allow for evermore complex procedures the traditional operating theatre can become overcrowded. Skyfold units allow smaller theatres to be opened up to create a single area when a larger medical team is required.”


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Skyfold ‘Zenith’ Partition Delivers Unique Advantages

March 3, 2014

“We are extremely excited by this addition to the Skyfold range,” enthuses Julian Sargent, Group MD of Style partitions “The Zenith really is an incredible system because it divides an area so quickly and with virtually zero disruption. It’s ideal for meeting rooms, busy lecture theatres, crowded conference halls and other areas where the space needs dividing for multi-functional use.

“The groundbreaking acoustic performance of up to 59dB Rw makes this the most innovative and complete moveable wall system on the market.”


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Canadians offer support for Qatari projects

February 11, 2014

“Senior executives from the infrastructure industry in Qatar met recently at the Canadian embassy to discuss the different needs of the country and how they could work together to meet them.”

“The event was jointly hosted by Canadian companies Skyfold, Gala Systems and Unicel Architectural.”


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Canada ready to take part in more Qatar projects: envoy

February 10, 2014

“Senior executives from the infrastructure industry in Qatar met recently at the Canadian embassy to discuss the different needs of the country and how they could work together to meet them.”

“The event was jointly hosted by Canadian companies Skyfold, Gala Systems and Unicel Architectural.”

– Gulf-Times

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Intelligent Interior

October 2013

“Within the interior of the building, emphasis was placed on creating flexible space. The project team agreed that the main auditorium had to have the capability to be quickly subdivided into smaller rooms to accommodate a variety of events. Skyfold vertical partitions were therefore installed to enable acoustic separation for the balcony seating. A fully automated high-tech approach to this challenge was central and soon became a key selling point of the project.”

– Auditoria magazine

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Style > Skyfold

Mid 2013

“Moveable partitions specialists, Style, recently celebrated their 100th UK Skyfold installation at the prestigious Telefónica Digital headquarters in central London. Unique in the market, Skyfold is a fully automatic partitioning system that silently unfolds from the ceiling cavity at the press of a button, creating an exceptional temporary wall that delivers acoustic privacy to all users in the divided area.”

– INEX-Online

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Modern university divides lecture theatre with Skyfold

May 10, 2013

“We have been extremely impressed with the Skyfold partition,” confirms Douglas Fewkes, Project Manager in the Estates Department at the University. “The lecture hall can be quickly divided at the press of a button giving us a really flexible working space.”

– Specification Online

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Torys LLP Office

Late 2012

“The north and south facing boardrooms occupy one, long extended, column-free space. Each provides flexible convertible space which can respectively be divided into smaller meeting spaces or completely opened up with a system of Skyfold walls. The Skyfold wall system manifests Torys’ commitment to innovation and to contemporary Canadian art. The patented system was customized with integrated art works by Montreal artist Pascal Grandmaison and Toronto-based artist Robert Fones. Both artists were selected through an invited design competition organized by the law firm, the architects and art consultant Fela Grunwald.

The south-facing boardrooms feature Robert Fone’s Somewhere… which weaves six short fragments from Miguel de Cervante’s Don Quixote with photographs of waves of the Toronto Harbour into the individual panels. The artist describes the Skyfold panels “as pages from a giant book, with its spine in Lake Ontario and its pages open to the city.”

– Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

After clicking the link, click on "Project Description" just below the image to see the full article.

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Glasgow NFU Office

Late 2012

“Flexible space was the essential element to the interior design at the new Glasgow NFU office. Style, the moveable partitions specialists, worked with architects Future Space and main contractor Morris and Spottiswood to deliver a solution that allows the training room to be quickly and easily divided by a vertical-folding Skyfold Classic wall system. As a fully automatic, moveable wall, Skyfold is neatly stored in the ceiling cavity, maximising floor space. To complement the contemporary design of Centenary House, the crisp, clean lines of the Skyfold Classic have been finished in two-tone silver and grey.”

– Icon Eye

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KPMG headquarters in Toronto

Late 2012

“The new premises capture KMPG’s professional image in a modern and classic space. A full Client Services floor offers flexibility with Skyfold walls and state-of-the-art equipment and audio-visual technology. The project is targeting LEED® CI Gold certification.”

– IBI Group

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Gibca Installs Skyfold Partitions at one of the largest LEED Gold Certified Buildings

March 27, 2012

“Supporting the designers of the first convention and exhibition center of its kind to be built to the gold certification of the US Green Building council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Skyfold Partitions were selected as part of innovative technologies and strategies to enhance the venue's performance in the areas of water and energy efficiency, use of materials and resources and indoor environmental quality.”

– Zawya

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Research building construction to begin in June

March 26, 2012

“The 250,000-square-foot building is set to include a 400-person lecture hall that is divisible by a new Skyfold wall that can retract into the ceiling.”

– The Temple News

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Constellation at Valley Christian Schools Conservatory

February 27, 2012

“In the open configuration, the room measures about 60 by 80ft and can accommodate an audience of up to 250 for a medium-sized ensemble recital. Lowering dual Skyfold walls (forming a four-foot air space between) creates two acoustically isolated rehearsal spaces.”

– PLASA Media Limited

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WFU launches Charlotte Center

January 26, 2012

“The Wake Forest University Charlotte Center in Uptown features 30,000 square feet of collaborative and innovative space equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as SMART® Boards, LCD screens and web enabled video cameras inside the classrooms. The boardroom features two-way video conferencing, and silent Skyfold® walls add versatility to multipurpose areas.”

– Wake Forest University

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Vertical school in Hackney maximises social interaction and provides inspirational learning place

August 30, 2011

“With floor space at a premium on such a confined site, flexible use of space helped meet demands of the brief. Retractable partition arrangements are used to allow spaces to be used in different configurations. A key example of this is the Performance Hall which creates a 450 person auditorium out of curriculum teaching space using a retractable acoustic ‘Skyfold’ wall and retractable seating units.”

– Word Architecture News

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New Skyfold Video Demonstrates Ceiling Mounted Partitioning

Early 2011

“As a ceiling mounted, fully automatic partitioning wall operated by a simple turnkey the specification of Skyfold has soared in recent years as it offers such a simple and stylish solution to sub dividing rooms. And because it is housed in the ceiling, it maximises space efficiency.”

– Style

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Significant Acoustical Advances Demonstrated by Next-Generation Skyfold® Powerlift Partitions

November 11, 2010

“The new products offer industry-leading ratings for sound-transmission class, (STC), including an STC of 57 for Skyfold Classic Elite, the highest tested full-wall rating in the motor-driven partition industry. Another brand-new product, Skyfold Classic NRC, offers a good STC of 50 along with a noise-reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.65 – the first by Skyfold to also offer this sound-absorbing capability. Both advances are drawing interest from architects, acoustical consultants, sustainability advocates and building owners.”

– PR Newswire

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