There are many aspects to consider when exploring the best way to design or reconfigure your indoor space, After many years of experience, not to mention a deep and ongoing commitment to innovation and design, Skyfold offers solutions at every level—even the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

Here are the top 10 ways Skyfold provides answers to all your concerns and challenges—and even some of your long held wishes!

1. Acoustically Superior

Quite simply, Skyfold creates an exceptional sound barrier that must be heard to be believed! Our walls offer a level of soundproofing quality that goes above and beyond industry standards, especially when you consider that this high quality applies to the entire installed system, not only the panels.

When deployed, Skyfold provides a two-sided, rigid wall and acoustic barrier with acoustic ratings of up to STC 60 (RW 59) for sound isolation, and an NRC/SAC of up to 0.65 for noise reduction. The standard Skyfold Classic, Zenith, and Zenith Premium operable walls are 11 3/4″ (300mm) thick, with two independent planes of steel panels separated by a 10 1/4″ (260mm) air space which creates an anechoic chamber. It also has 1½” (38mm) insulation on the back of each panel. 
Moreover, the Skyfold NRC models are not only designed to stop sound, but also to absorb it. Many top architectural firms have approved Skyfold operable walls around the world for use in spaces where sound control is critical.

The walls come down and enclose the rooms beside the catwalks, and the sound control is so good that the students can stay and study while a concert is going on next door, says Gregory G. Melton, project manager with Holland & Hamrick Architects. 

2. Easy to use

Skyfold’s vertically folding retractable walls are incredibly easy-to-use. Electronic systems work effortlessly with a turn-key operation or a digital touch screen—and there is simply no longer any need for manual interventions when positioning walls. A room can be quickly and quietly configured with our simple push-button process, providing users with tremendous space flexibility at all times. 

3. Unlimited configuration

Technically superior, our solutions also aim to be multipurpose. The vertical motion of Skyfold walls gives users the flexibility to quickly divide or expand a space, allowing for the redefinition of that space over and over again. With the COVID pandemic, for example, flexible office space concepts are becoming the future of workplaces everywhere, permitting multipurpose workspaces, both individual and collaborative, to comfortably co-exist. When not in use, Skyfold walls rest neatly in their folded position in the ceiling, and valuable floor space no longer needs to be compromised.

4. Design-friendly

Skyfold systems not only offer phenomenal operational performance, they always aim to also offer aesthetic appeal. The Skyfold Zenith Series, Zenith Premium Series, and Classic Series ensure no floor or wall tracks, not to mention visible hinges, which is a real design advantage. Also, it’s easy to create a uniquely distinctive look for your Skyfold wall with the wide selection of materials and finishes on offer that can be mixed, matched and enhanced. The unlimited amount of available finishes alone allows you to create the practical space you desire while incorporating your personal touch!

5. Sustainability

When it comes to design, achieving wellness and sustainability is essential in three important areas: environmental, economic and social. Skyfold is well-positioned to effectively respond to these challenges. Our vertically folding operable walls are specially constructed using up to fully 97% of recycled materials, thereby offering tremendous sustainable advantages and opportunities to earn LEED points in several categories. Skyfold is fully committed to promoting sustainable buildings with the highest indoor environmental quality, a commitment that extends to not only the products we make, but the operations and manufacturing techniques we choose for our own facility.

6. Fast set-up

Skyfold lets you reconfigure a space in mere minutes! As the operating system requires little manpower and minimal maintenance, you can rely on Skyfold’s quick, easy, and versatile space management solutions to create multipurpose rooms—anytime. 

7. Quiet

As large as Skyfold walls can be, rest assured that operating them is thankfully silent. Along with their superior soundproofing features, their quick operation allows you to reconfigure your space with no disruption of its surroundings. With the operable partitions quietly unfolding from the ceiling, you could create a banquet hall without disturbing a conference going on right next door!

8. Lightweight

Thanks to an ingenious structural design that uses less steel, Skyfold operable walls are lighter than most traditional systems. So don’t let the possible size of your wall scare you! Despite the selected partitions having unlimited width, the structure will always be lightweight.  

9. Flexibility

Skyfold walls can be highly customized to your space, and our systems can adapt to all types of environments and applications. Whether large or small, simple or complex (such as sloped gymnasiums, stepped-floor auditoriums, or stairs, to use only a few examples), we can adapt to your every need. Our movable walls have revolutionized flexible space concepts in offices, schools, hotels, venues, and convention centers worldwide—and this flexibility extends to a vast capability of aesthetic freedom of design as well. 

10. Reliability

While Skyfold retractable walls are known for their rapid and easy-to-use operations, rest assured they are also highly reliable. The walls are equipped with a safety obstruction sensor, and these built-in sensors on the lower edge ensure that the system will stop when there is any sort of obstruction. Further, when a Skyfold wall deploys, the side seals extend automatically and make a reliable and consistent acoustic barrier. The partitions are durable, built to ensure many years of dependable operation, and we stand firmly behind our products by offering an industry-leading 10-year acoustic warranty!


Choosing the right brand for you

When evaluating the choices for your wall partition needs, you can rely on these 10 top reasons for choosing Skyfold as your ideal retractable wall brand. 

And don’t forget: these are just the top 10 reasons—there are plenty more!

Give us a call and find out more details. We are waiting to provide the solutions you are looking for.