Founded in 1979, Crowell & Moring LLP is a law firm grounded in trust, cooperation, collaboration, and a commitment to give back to communities. The firm has strategically grown by prioritizing and investing in client relationships while retaining many of the same clients from day one. As part of their growth, Crowell & Moring's New York office opened in 2006 at Two Manhattan West, 401 West 31st Street, becoming the second-largest office of their international law firm with services across several industries, ranging from financial and commercial litigation to government and global investigations.

When Crowell & Moring sought to optimize their workspace for greater collaboration and flexibility, they partnered with ModernfoldStyles to install the innovative Skyfold Zenith Premium 60. As one of Skyfold's top dealers, we were excited to offer this optimal space management solution for their contemporary office space, which boasts impressive panoramic views of Manhattan. ModernfoldStyles executed the installation with precision and expertise, collaborating with HYL Architecture and Structure Tone Building Group.

Our Skyfold Zenith Premium 60 offers unparalleled flexibility and aesthetic appeal, and it can be customized in various sizes. At Crowell & Moring, the state-of-the-art retractable partition was installed 27' – 4 7/16" wide and 9' 6" high from the finished floor to the bottom of the pocket. With an approximate weight of 3,315 lbs, Skyfold Zenith ensures robust durability and stability.

The wall's panel finish, featuring wood veneer Japanese Sen vertical grain applied horizontally along the panel length by our millworker, perfectly complements the sophisticated ambiance of Crowell & Moring's workspace. To further enhance this modern look and blend with the adjacent ceiling, the pocket closure panels were painted with Elevate UNA-CLAD Bone White, and the perimeter seals were installed in black.

The movable system was also built with 18 LED lights, nine per each side in the closure panels. These were Square Fixtures with a Bezel Style, Matte Chrome finish, and Warm White 2800 Kelvin light with a 0-10 VDC dimming system.

To ensure our client's design intent is maintained, Skyfold Zenith Premium 60 has no visible hinges or hardware to obstruct the panels and is stored flush with the ceiling to avoid disrupting the space when not in use. Along with no visible hinges, no guides are required on the adjacent walls for the system to retract or deploy, ensuring the adjoining wall finishes are uninterrupted. Situated next to floor-to-ceiling windows with astonishing views of the iconic New York City, the installation spectacularly blends into the space.

Skyfold Zenith Premium 60 is ideal for any design aesthetic, and the retractable wall is highly functional. It provides an exceptional acoustic rating of 60 STC, ensuring optimal sound insulation and promoting a conducive working environment.

Further guaranteeing functionality and effortless operation, Skyfold Zenith is accompanied by two individual 12V touchscreen control panels.

Combining cutting-edge technology with superior craftsmanship, our successful Skyfold Zenith Premium 60 installation at Crowell & Moring emphasizes our commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.