SAP is the world leader in the corporate business applications market. In the Moscow business center “Moscow Krasnye Holmy” the company opened one of the world’s largest innovation and exhibition hubs with an area of about 3000 m2. The center is intended for holding events, demonstrating new technological solutions and joint developments with clients and partners. The SAP Digital Leadership Center in Moscow has become the eighth SAP center of its kind in the world and the largest exhibition and technology platform for the company after the SAP Leonardo Center in New York.


Moscow, Russia

January 2019

Business Challenge: The architects were faced with the task of creating a multifunctional transforming space intended for holding public events - conferences and exhibitions, as well as business negotiations and meetings dedicated to the development of technological products. Moreover, all parts of the center must function simultaneously and independently of each other

"Our project has become the eighth Leonardo Center SAP in the world. But nowhere else is there such a number of functions and such flexible space as Moscow SAP. We have created both a large conference hall with developed lobbies and an exhibition hall, while we have equipped zones for “design thinking”, D-Shop, meeting rooms. There is no center in the whole world where all these elements are present at the same time. The uniqueness of the Moscow project lies in the fact that all components of the hub can operate in parallel and completely independently of each other."

 - Nikolay Milovidov, Managing partner of the architectural bureau UNK project


In the conference room, the main focus is on LED screens that surround the space from all sides. The walls between the screens are decorated with metal perforated panels, behind which are hidden acoustic materials that provide high-quality sound in the hall. In addition to the main large screen, there is one more screen in the conference room, since the hall can be transformed into two separate rooms.

"The aim of the project was to create a modern, multifunctional and technological premises on the new site, which would also give an idea of the field of activity and be the face of the company, as well as expand the multimedia component. It was very important to take into account all the wishes of the business and comply with the originally designated deadline to which the grand opening of the Digital Leadership Center was tied. To create a comfortable and functional space, a huge amount of work has been done to analyze the existing situation and the customer’s requests. Based on these requirements, the external appearance of the project was formed. It was incredibly interesting to think over complex technical solutions and details, and then watch how they are brought to life. As a result, the Digital Leadership Center is convenient and modern"

 - Elena Schelchkova, Director of Administrative and Business Affairs in Russia and the CIS at SAP


After extensive renovation and refurbishment, the center is a space in which any premises - from the main conference hall with a capacity of more than 500 people to meeting rooms - can be divided into several parts or combined, depending on the purpose of the event, accommodating about a thousand guests at a time. The possibility of constant transformation, “adjusting” the space for specific tasks, in combination with a well-thought-out system of independent simultaneous functioning of each zone, makes the SAP Digital Leadership Center absolutely unique.

"The Digital Leadership Center opened in July 2018. and by the end of the year, about 200 events had already been held there. Opening this innovative hub, we first of all wanted to create a platform for joint development with our customers and partners. The time of simple sales and simple solutions has irrevocably gone and it is impossible to sell only a boxed product today. Creation of joint solutions with the client, the opening of co-innovation laboratories, the creation of unique products for the client - this is the direction that is becoming the leading one for SAP today. Therefore, it was important for us that the Digital Leadership Center was as technological, convenient and modern as possible, which, in my opinion, the designers managed to implement."

 - Dmitry Krasyukov, Executive director of SAP CIS