Skyfold, the world leader in acoustic, fully-operable vertical retractable walls, brings forward thinking technology to the education sector, allowing schools the flexibility they need to be relevant for the future. Modern design requirements for K-12 schools stress the importance of educational facilities to act as the hub of the community, often serving the local area as dual-purpose schools and community centers. Skyfold is a vertically rising operable wall that is fully automated for quick, easy and acoustic space division. The system can be rapidly reconfigured to provide extra room to cater to the growing population and the subsequent demands for increased provision of community services for local sport, leisure and social clubs.

EASE OF MOVEMENT allows spaces to be reconfigured quickly and easily. As school staff numbers decrease, teachers are expected to be able to move operable partitions themselves. Conventional operable walls are cumbersome, and many are left abandoned in either the open or closed position; coupled with screwed-in whiteboards, these older walls are unmovable and have thus lost their acoustic value. Skyfold’s operable walls can be operated simply and effortlessly, requiring just a simple turnkey operation with no physical effort. Within minutes, a space can be transformed for any number of uses.

LOW MAINTENANCE means Skyfold operable walls will add value for years to come. With today’s schools being built to function and perform for 40-50 years, durability is key. Because the panels are never handled during operation there is much less wear and tear so the walls will outlast conventional systems. Once Skyfold’s cost-efficient, lightweight operable walls are in place, generations of students, teachers and community members will benefit from their reliable flexibility and smooth operation.

ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE is of the utmost importance in a classroom setting, reducing distractions from adjacent spaces, ensuring privacy and helping students focus on the task at hand. Skyfold walls, with an Industry leading STC of up to 60 (RW 59), provide soundproof environments that enhance the teaching and learning experience and lend themselves to expanded use for the community at large.