Fish and Richardson is a leading global intellectual property law firm practicing in the areas of patent law, IP strategy and litigation, and commercial litigation with 16 offices worldwide. In 2020, they decided to move their South California office to One Paseo. One Paseo is a high-end, luxury village with a collection of modern apartments, retail stores, and office space located in San Diego. Fish & Richardson has signed a 10-year lease to occupy offices on the entire top fourth floor and one-half of the third floor (a total of 32,300 sq. ft./ 3000 sq. m.) in one of One Paseo’s new mid-rise, state of the art office buildings. They decided to build a large, flexible conference room near the front of their office.

Monique Henderson, from our local dealer PSI, collaborated closely with ID Studios out of Solana Beach, California to give Fish & Richardson the space solution that would work best for them. ID Studios is an advocate for Skyfold, having used our walls in other projects. Their design team appreciates the flexibility and function that Skyfold delivers. They were particularly enthused when Skyfold introduced the Zenith Premium with its horizontal ceiling closure panel. They though that the Zenith Premium would be perfect for this application and specified it to divide the conference room.

In this space, the Zenith Premium wall intersects with a operable horizontal glass wall system that surrounds the conference room.

The glass wall system has a metal filler panel so the Skyfold wall can properly seal against it without its internal components being visible.

Not only can the conference room be divided with the Zenith Premium, but the room itself also disappears and the space becomes multi-purpose when the operable glass wall and Skyfold wall are both retracted to create a large gathering space to host company parties and client events.

This Zenith Premium wall is finished with a mix of Firestone Bone White paint and Xorel fabric for durability and a beautiful finish. The wall is further streamlined with matching white seals and LED lights that will illuminate the room whether the wall is in the up or down position.

Skyfold played a huge role in delivering privacy for their client meetings with our superior sound rating. Being a law firm in a luxury hot spot, acoustics and aesthetics were Fish & Richardson’s top priority in designing their new office space. They were looking for a modern showcase design that combined acoustics, convenience, and speed; Skyfold fulfilled that request.