The contemporary classroom is often more than just a classroom. Classrooms are used for studying, tutoring, social club meetings, drama rehearsals, parent-teacher meetings, open houses, staff events, after-school programs, and so much more. This is precisely why Meadow Elementary School in Irvine sought ways to get the most use out of two of its classrooms. 

StudioWC transformed two isolated classrooms primarily used for the music program into a flexible learning environment and multipurpose activity center by replacing the fixed wall between the classrooms with the Skyfold Zenith® acoustic vertically folding operable wall. The Zenith wall creates two acoustically separated music rooms when the music program is in session two days a week. But, with its newfound flexibility, the classrooms can now be divided or enlarged for robotic competitions, indoor physical activities, campus-wide assemblies, and performances during the remainder of the school week.  

Although Meadow Elementary wanted to maximize the use of these classrooms, it was essential that the spaces still function as music rooms. For this reason, local Skyfold distributors, Partition Specialties, proposed the Zenith® in STC 60, the highest acoustic rating in the movable wall industry. While many movable walls only provide an acoustic rating for its panels, Skyfold’s STC rating reflects the entire system, thereby ensuring superior acoustic performance and comfort for the tiny musicians and students in the adjoining room.

Having installed Skyfold walls in their other buildings and educational facilities, the Irvine School District was impressed with Skyfold’s acoustic and automated system. With an easy-to-use two-person turnkey operation, educators could reconfigure the classrooms themselves without seeking help from the janitorial team. The District knew that Skyfold could give Meadow Elementary the flexibility they needed while maintaining the acoustic requirements for their students to practice music without disrupting other classes.