Located in the very modern Sammons Financial Group headquarters, you will find six beautiful Skyfold Zenith 51's. 
The Sammons Financial Group offers some of today's most sought-after life insurance, annuity, retirement-planning products, and portfolio-management solutions. As the company grew, its need to optimize its flexible spaces grew. The Skyfold Zenith 51 (STC 51/Rw51) was the perfect solution for their flexible space needs due to its exceptional soundproofing properties. This system allowed the company to host smaller confidential team meetings with the walls in the down position and then get together as a company once the walls were fully retracted into the ceiling.
When the walls are fully deployed, the different finishes are revealed with a mix of Carnegie Xorel Linen, Markerboard and Firestone Dark Bronze Paint. 
Sammons Financial Group initially had a floor plan that combined six Skyfold and manually operable partitions. The architect, general contractor and owner were taken on a tour of the space and were shown the difference between the two systems firsthand so they could see how the two systems would be used. It was important for the client to understand where the Skyfold walls would be placed to divide space effectively. The Sammons Financial group ultimately opted to use the Skyfold Zenith 51 due to its acoustic properties and ease of operation. 
The biggest challenge that the Sammons Financial Group overcame was finding a flexible space solution that was very easy to operate. They planned on opening and closing their partitions daily, and being able to do this with the push of a button thanks to Skyfold's touchpad system was the perfect solution.