As a leading software company, SAP’s Digital Leadership Center in Moscow reflects the company’s technological fluency. The Center itself is used to host various events, client and partner meetings as well as a showroom for new equipment and tech solutions.


Back in 2019, UNK Architects were tasked with creating a multi-purpose space that is agile and technologically intricate which could be used for round table discussions, conferences, business meetings and exhibitions. All the spaces in the Center had to be independent of one another to be able to function in parallel.


The architects also faced an acoustic challenge: the showroom—a space used to test and demonstrate new equipment—was built close to the main conference room. The owners worried that noise from the showroom would trickle into the main conference room where a meeting could be taking place.


SAP’s Digital Leadership Center was designed and constructed with transformative space at the forefront. With a combination of different flexible space solutions, including a Skyfold wall in the showroom that is used not only for space management, but as part of their technology performance to reveal new products at launch events.


The Center also features an open area that could be used for public events, as well as a private corporate office space for focused work and in-house meetings. The corporate section of the Centre boasts a “Design Thinking Zone” designated for teamwork between staff and with clients to create new technological innovations.


In the showroom, technology becomes part of the design process in which SAP’s products are combined to create a futuristic room. The showroom is equipped with video cameras, sound systems, and LED displays around the entire room that enable 360-degree information perception. Skyfold Classic™ wall fulfills the space’s need for a tech-inspired design with the wall’s automated system and LED touch screen operator stations.


Hidden between the LED displays and the metal panels on the fixed walls are acoustic solutions, which—coupled with the STC 55 (Rw 54) rating of the Skyfold wall—ensure excellent acoustic comfort for those within and outside the showroom.