When architect TP Bennett and contractor Overbury approached Style to help them create flexible meeting rooms for Schroders’ office in London, the decision to go with seven Classic™ 60 walls was an easy one for the architects and contractor who were already familiar with the Skyfold advantage.

Schroders—a high profile investment firm dating back to the early 19th century—is founded on a business model anchored in delivering quality business portfolios, innovative product and market developments, and premium client services. To support that business model, Schroders needed a working environment that could adapt to create collaborative spaces when working on product or improvements, or to spaces that could be used when discussing privately with clients about their investments.

Although flexibility and privacy were Schroders’ main concerns, they also didn’t want a movable wall system or partitions that took away from the overall design of the office. The team decided on grey and white Maharam fabrics for the Skyfold walls to complement the frosty tones of the rooms.

TP Bennett, Overbury and Style worked together to create a highly flexible floorplan with meeting rooms that could be reconfigured in minutes with a simple turnkey. The STC 60 (RW 59) panels were combined with absorbent NRC panels in the bottom rows of the walls to further enhance the walls’ acoustic performance, thereby not only significantly reducing the sound transmitted through the wall from one side to other, but also dissipating some of the noise all together.

“The Schroders installation really demonstrates the capabilities of Skyfold: gliding effortlessly and silently into place and dividing space with speed and ease—a real showpiece for client meetings as well as practical room division.” – Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director