Following 2017’s hugely successful Espero – Skyfold Architects Meet in Berlin, 2019 brought the team and architects to Sweden! The Gothia Towers Exhibition Centre was selected to showcase Skyfold walls to European architects. With 23 high profile architects from 12 countries, we had quite a diverse group.

Olaf Hallberg from Abako Arkitektkontor was the project architect for the Gothia Towers. In the summer of 2017, Espero supplied 5 large Classic 55 walls to the Svenkse Massan Exhibition Centre as part of their plans for expansion and for the new entrance.


Olaf gave everyone an interesting presentation on the history of the center, his involvement with the center over the last 20 years, and how he used Skyfold to achieve the impressively redesigned exhibition space and new multipurpose entrance. It was a surprise to the audience that the room they were sitting in didn't exist before the new plans. They were equally surprised to find themselves sitting on top of one the Skyfold walls and the motor assembly that were installed just below the floor!


After Olaf's presentation, the architects went to the Exhibition floor to see the Skyfold walls in action. For anyone who has not seen the Skyfold wall in person, it is was truly a unique experience. One architect remarked, “This product actually challenges us as architects to re-think how we design."