Operable partition walls don’t have to be boring. The right finish (or combination of finishes) can transform a partition into an accent wall that has the ability to tell a story, inspire, wow, or tie together a design concept.

Browse our expansive selection of standard and specialty finishes for your Skyfold wall. Turn your partition into a writing surface by adding a white markerboard finish to some or all the panels. Unleash your creativity by mixing and matching colours and finishes for a truly distinctive design—endless possibilities.

Do you already have an idea or a specific finish in mind? We’ll work with you to make it a reality. Keep in mind, however, that panel finishes cannot exceed 1/8” (3mm) in thickness. Moreover, customer-supplied vinyl or fabrics cannot exceed 0.040” (1mm) in thickness since these finishes are wrapped around Skyfold’s panel edges. Finishes that exceed 0.040” (1mm) in thickness can be applied onto the face of the panel only and must be rigid in nature, such as a plastic laminate or wood veneer.

Head to the photo gallery to see what our standard and custom finishes look like on Skyfold retractable walls.