Located in the Financial District, steps away from Trinity Church, Pelli Clarke Pelli’s stunning mixed-use tower, 74 Trinity Place, shines. The building façade, neatly outfitted in slender brown metal panels, with expansive glass windows, allow for views and abundant natural daylight. Striking gold fins atop the building stretch skyward, creating a glow.

At the base of the building, the first five floors are dedicated to the Trinity Church Parish Center. The center contains parish offices, a daycare facility, gym, music rehearsal space, art studio, café and vault for archival records. A pedestrian bridge links the building to the church, connecting the present to the past, while the remaining floors are dedicated to office space

One of the challenges Stephen B. Jacob’s Group faced was choosing an effective space management solution for two dramatically different spaces adjoining one another in the Parish Center. Could a spirited basketball game and adjoining music rehearsal space peacefully co-exist?

The answer was a resounding yes and the solution specified was the Skyfold Classic 55.

Skyfold has the ability to separate large spaces, at a moment’s notice. The Skyfold Classic 55 is a custom manufactured, completely automatic, vertically retractable acoustic wall that stores neatly in the ceiling when not in use. Hidden cleverly out of site, the Skyfold panels quickly and quietly descend from the ceiling when the need to divide space arises.

There’s no need for the extra floor space that traditional acoustical partition systems require for panel storage. Skyfold’s operable seals are internal, eliminating the need for unsightly wall and floor tracks, allowing the beautiful aesthetic of the entire space to shine through.

Given the diverse nature of the two individual spaces, it was vitally important to choose a wall system with superior acoustic capabilities. This custom Skyfold system measures 46’ wide x  20’ 1 ½” high. With a STC acoustic rating of 55, the partition allows both activities to occur at the same time, without interruption.

Stephen B. Jacobs Group PC and the general contractor, Hunter Roberts Construction Group worked together with ModernfoldStyles, Inc. to customize the look of the Skyfold system to seamlessly blend into the space. The top 8 panels of the Skyfold Classic 55 are covered with a crisp Maharam fabric applied horizontally (railroaded) along the length of the panels.

Abundant natural light floods the space from the building’s floor to ceiling windows on the lower floors. Catch a glimpse of Trinity Church and the pedestrian bridge linking to 74 Trinity. When the wall is deployed to separate the space, the textured fabric reflects the light from the collection of sconces neatly lining the walls.

An interesting concept to keep in mind about Skyfold, is that the final panels of the system become a decorative ceiling element. To achieve a uniform aesthetic, a custom veneer was specified and installed on the lower panels which act as the “ceiling” when the system is not in use.

The realistic look of the wood veneer applied to the Skyfold panels integrates nicely with the warm tones throughout the space, while complementing the beautifully detailed woodwork on the walls and floors. The result is a harmonious, cohesive look whether the wall is in use or not. The Skyfold system provides premium state-of-the-art acoustics, flexibility and the transforms the center’s space with style.

This project was completed by our Skyfold Authorized Dealer ModernfoldStyles